Holiday Park in Cornwall with a Fun Pool

Swimming Pool Rules – Safety First

Swimming Pools can be very dangerous places, so please read our rules before using the pool; they are there to protect everyone who uses the pool, and the pool supervisors who help keep you safe whilst swimming.

Please note our swimming pool is only for the use of our guests.  You must be staying here to swim!

The changing rooms are unisex. However we do predict that most will come to the pool prepared to swim. There are no lockers and all items are left in the changing rooms or corridor at your own risk. Please do not wear outdoor shoes around the surround of the pool area and remember to collect your tickets from the Reception before entering the pool. Under 3´s must wear swimming nappies and are restricted to the smaller of the 2 pools. Non-swimmers cannot use the flume & must be accompanied by an adult swimmer and again must be in the smaller of the 2 pools.

The Pool

  1. You will be stopped from using the pool if your baby or small child is not wearing the correct swimming pants to prevent contamination from taking place.
  2. Non-swimmers must be accompanied by an adult swimmer over 18 years old and must use the smaller pool only. Non-swimmers cannot use the Flume.
  3. No swimming aids or arm floats in the main pool. If our pool supervisors suspect a weak swimmer they will be asked to swim the width of the pool.
  4. It is your responsibility to make sure your children are competent swimmers if they are using the pool without you.
  5. Please do not swim within 30 minutes of eating or under the influence of alcohol.
  6. No Camera’s or video camera’s
  7. No Diving
  8. No Animals
  9. No Glasses to be worn whilst using the flume or rapids

The Flume

  1. Only to be used when the pool supervisor instructs.
  2. Use flume by sitting upright at all times.
  3. Do not stop half way down flume.
  4. Do not ‘bomb’ out of the flume.
  5. Please do not use the flume if you suffer from high blood pressure or back complaints or are over 18 stone
  6. Swimmers only – no non-swimmers
  7. Only 1 person at a time
  8. No glasses whislt using the flume

Thank you for reading and enjoy your swim


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